A Mini Drugstore Haul

Good Afternoon!

Today I decided it was time to venture out into the real world and buy some new makeup! I have always wanted to try purple lipstick, weird I’m aware, but pink hues are just not good with my skin tone so I figured why not? I also bought what seemed like a redish color that I reminded me of a color that I used to own, but lost at a party and I was devastated about. Another color that is a almost considered a nude in my eyes. I’ve been trying to contour my face, but I can never make it look quiet how I’d like it to. So, I decided to buy a contour kit along with some finishing power since I ran out today. All of these items were bought at a drugstore and were not expensive since I’m on a huge budget! Lets start out with the purple lipstick I bought:


The color I am wearing in this picture is Maybelline Color Whisper, Mad For Magenta. It cost $7.19! Which is a pretty good deal compared to other drugstore lipsticks. The color is gorgeous, in person that is, although in pictures the purple does not shine through. For all the girls that feel that pinks don’t fit your skin color very well I highly recommend a purple instead. Not too drastic though!


This is Wet & Wild Mega Lip Color Pink Champagne/ Champagne Rose it only cost $2.99 and it shows. It looks like it would be a very pretty nude with hint of shimmer, but on it just looks like I’m wearing a metallic lipstick. It’s way too much shimmer and not enough of the beautiful pinky nude color. Nevertheless, it was $3 and I highly doubt I’ll wear it in public.



As I was putting this color on I realized it felt a lot like clay, but the color is stunning. It’s a matte finish, but it look great. It’s not quiet like the color I used to own it’s redder and has no shimmer like my last, but I would wear this more than the other red colors I have. Mostly because it last longer than the other reds I own and matches my skin tone better. This color is also by Wet & Wild it has no name, but it’s labeled as 905D. I bought it for $1.99, what a STEAL. For some reason it came across orangey in this picture, probably because of my lighting, but it’s a very nice red I promise. I could see myself wearing this a lot; I absolutely love it!


I’m still wearing the Wet & Wild 905D in this picture, but I added CoverGirl Instant Cheekbones Sophisticated Sable. I didn’t want something too red or pink like what I have been using on my cheeks so this was perfect! The colors really brought out my cheekbones, which I promise I have NONE! My face is very round. I’ve been using a very pink blush and a deep bronzer to contour and it just seemed like too much for my face, but this looks very natural. I used Wet & Wild coloricon Ticket to Brazil on the top corners of my forehead down around my face to the start of my cheek bones, which really defined my face even more. I also have on Wet & Wild coverall pressed power 825B Medium and it covered and evened all my imperfections!


Wet & Wild coloricon I bought a while ago and forgot the price. Wet & Wild coverall cost $2.99! And finally CoverGirl instant cheekbones was priced at $6.49. What great deals! All bought at RiteAid a local drugstore.

I hope this inspires you all to go out and glam up your life a little more!!




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