Outfit of The Day! :)

It’s a nice day out in Virginia. Not too hot, but not cold either. It drizzled a little, but it just put a perfect tone for the day!

Here’s my outfit of the day on this perfect fall day.

I’m rocking my only pair of Michael Kors heels that I got at Marshall’s for $60. Retail price is $150 (reason number 1248361 why I’m obsessed with Marshall’s. I will add a link so you can see them better, but the pair linked is blue and black; mine are just all suede black. Probably the most comfortable heels that I own. They’re not available on Michael Kors website anymore that I can see 😦

The dress I’m wearing is from Ross ($8). It is all black dress, long sleeve, a nice thick fabric that’s perfect for Fall! It also came with a brown braided belt. Fun fact about me: I love black and brown. I know a lot of people don’t, but I do! Super comfy dress. Basically, I’m in love.  I couldn’t find a link to this dress though!

To top it off I’m wearing a heather gray cardigan from Forever 21 ($10.80). I have long arms and this is perfect and draped in all the right places. It is a little thin so I won’t be wearing this once it gets more into Winter! I will link this, because it’s from a store you can order it from.

There are no accessories as I feel that this should be kept simply and doesn’t need a statement necklace. Which is very odd of me, because I add statements to everything.







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