Review Time!

Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation.

I always find that during the winter my face becomes unevenly toned, so I like to buy a foundation that has more of a full coverage to even my skin out. I went to Sephora a few weeks ago, they found my shade, then let me test foundations. I loved Lock-it Tattoo by Kat Von D! It had great coverage, didn’t look too cakey, and matched my shade, so I bought it.

After a few days of using it I realized that I did not like it at all! After a few hours it becomes crusty looking and oxidizes to a orange color. Also, it’s very hard to blend it because it is a very thick liquid. It just ends up streaky and smeared down my face by the end of the day; even though when I apply it, it looks even and looks really good!

One of my friends wanted to try it out and when she applied it, it looked great! Although, like I said it did to me it did to her as well. Towards the end of the night I realized she looked orange and her face didn’t look even toned anymore.

Overall, I do not like this product.

P.s for all my ‘Mean Girls’ fans. It’s October 3rd. Happy “Mean Girls Day”!!




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